A digital sketchbook

Surfboard Sign Art for Cali Tacos

Update from a previous post entitled A Tribute to Rayzilla. Pictures taken at my house and the 4th Street location of California Tacos To-Go in St. Pete, Florida.  This restaurant sign art project was a labor of love and my first ever painted surfboard. Godzilla is romping around next to a remixed version of the companies' surf-shack meets taco-stand logo. Set within a landscape inspired by the Pacific Island nations and the movie Moana.  Painted with Golden brand acrylic paints and sealed with Superclear Supreme UV protector top coat by Modern Masters.

Big thanks to Tony, Cali Taco's manager seen pictured, who is a gem for hiring me to do multiple sign projects.  I was given full freedom on this piece. When the actor who originally played Godzilla passed away in August the news came to me via NPR radio while sketching concepts and there was this eureka moment.  One item on Cali Taco's menu is a massive "Godzilla" burrito! The ideas and composition was worked out quickly after that.  Not just restaurant signage in English and Japanese but also a tribute to local musician Ray "Rayzilla" Villadonga and the famous actor Haruo Nakajima.

If you know anyone who needs a hand-painted quote, greeting card, mural or lettered sign please contact me. I am working on my schedule for the upcoming months.

Who Loves the Arsenal?

More fun with lettering and footy crests. Here is the entire first team player roster for Arsenal Football Club, shaped into their iconic badge.  Part of the pen and ink drawings done during Ink'tober.  Done with FW inks, a pro quill or dip pen and brushes.