A digital sketchbook

TB Lightning Art Contest

Hand-painted, custom-lettering piece for an art contest hosted by our local NHL team the Tampa Bay Lightning.  This was a hockey inspired project wherein a rewatching of the Mighty Ducks occurred. It was fun shape to play with and a bit tedious to work on those tiniest of letters.

Every single player on the team's roster for the 2017-18 season has been incorporated into text. The letters blend at a distance to form the club's iconic lighting bolt logo.  Done with FW inks and watercolor pencils.

Manchester Tribute

Nothing will truly be a fitting tribute to the lives lost during the cowardly terrorist attack at a concert in Manchester, England this past May.  The idea of going to an event like that an not coming home, disturbed me greatly as have many other incidents of terror attacks or the rise of violent, radical groups both here in the United States and abroad.  The nightmarish scenes of torch-bearing racists and vehicular homicide of a peaceful protester in Charlottesville, VA last weekend has also shaken me to the core.

Art is often the best therapy for me in tough times and in good health.  Taking part in the creative process is a fitting outlet for pent up energy or emotion and allows me to de-stress, almost like mediation. This ink and watercolor piece was done to honor the victims and how both halves of Manchester, often rivals in sport, came together in such time of adversity.  Symbolized by the blue of Manchester City FC, the music note, heartbeat of the world, and brush all within elements of the Manchester United Red Devils' crest.

"We should be careful of each other. We should be kind, while there is still time." -taken from Phillip Larkin's poem, The Mower.