A digital sketchbook

SkaterAid 2013 Artist Reception

The Brickstore Pub in Decatur were gracious host as always for the artist get together last Sunday. This years link to place bids before the charity event; http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/1563/auctions/10369

My entry was inspired by the work of George R.R. Martin's book series "A Song of Fire and Ice" popularized via the HBO show Game of Thrones.  I used two halves of a broken skate deck to replicate the map from the bookends of the continent of Westeros and its Seven Kingdoms.  Detail packed into the landscape including landmarks such as The Wall and the Twins.  Also their are icons specific to the major families like medieval coats of arms called House Crests which dot my landscape near the castles of import.  Process photos to come...

West Birchrunville Cottages, Negril, Jamaica (2)

Enjoying the Magic of the FA Cup and resumption of Champs League footy in the midweek. In Jamaica I talked world cup qualifiers with anyone who'd listen and indeed the Reggae Boys took points off Mexico with a draw in the Azteca. Having almost as much fun editing footage from that trip on the tablet with the intuitive iMovie app. Enjoy your weekend along with this watercolor, my current poster project. Cheers.

Second Breakfast

Open forum on placement of type; below with a cloud background akin to Tolkien's original, or something new? Bad weather makes little sunshine for watercolors of late. Painting the crops, glens and homes of Hobbiton brightened my day and also hopefully your mood is lifted. A goal of mine was to push a more varied palette than Tolkien, often frugal, may have allowed himself due to budget.

West Birchrunville Inn, Negril Jamaica

After eight years the family made a return trip to the cliffs of the west Jamaica.  Reuniting with inn owner Sadie Hines and her family met on our two previous trips to Negril.  Inspirational for the sketchbook and the soul.   The underwater camera housing from GoPro worked without fail helping create memorable shots of coral reef, YS Falls, cliff diving.  Hopefully the links on these paintings and videos will drum up business for West Birchrunville Cottages in a beautiful area of Negril for those looking for opposite of the resort experience.  

Happy New Year from Hobbiton

Gifted a must have for fantasy fans of all things second breakfast, The Art of Tolkien.  Thanks to my brother for coming through on this book for Hanukkah.  Trying out a new brush pen inspired by concepts from Tolkien's sketchbook which evolved into illuminated plates for a book that initially had no budget for art, The Hobbit.  Enjoyed, twice, the adaptation to film but yet to see the 48 frame, 3D version or arrive to theater in costume. Both are tempting.  Enjoy your New Year, best wishes from the Shire watercolor update to follow.