A digital sketchbook

Sign Art for Mastry's & Saint Somewhere Brewery

New lettering art projects in different locations. Two local brewing companies have collaborated to make a new brew from sea-grapes called Raisin De Mer or Raisin of the Sea.  Locally sourced, wild picked sea-grapes have been filtered and condensed into a syrup, then combined with the magic of a Saint Somewhere Brewery's wizardry created the world's first commercial beer made from this tropical secret.

In celebration of all things related to Tampa Bay Beer Week, this new sea-grape beer has just been tapped! It is only available on site at either Mastry's Brewing Co in St Pete Beach, Florida or up in Tarpon Springs at Saint Somewhere Brewing's Belgian style tasting room.

Working with these new client's has been really enjoyable, creating chalkboard art for the special occasion. Lettering was drawn with liquid chalk markers, which I highly recommend to any artists out there.  Hopefully one of many sign art projects to come at these local establishments.

Not normally a fan of sour beers this brew has a unique flavor that goes down easy. Those hard to describe elements of eating a sea-grape are distant but present. Sweet, tart, sour and slightly salty. Try one out for yourself its quite refreshing in the glorious spring weather. As always out there folks enjoy your drinks responsibly.

Dias de las Muertos show at FLCraftArt Gallery

Experimenting with a new multi image, conceptual style on this group show entry.  A hundred word story attached below will accompany this sugar skull in the Day of the Dead Show, a personal tribute for two men born in Medellin, Columbia who passed on before their time, their tales ending abruptly.  However, by telling their stories' that memory can live onward and take new shape.  The creation of this art brought up some dark past for me and brooding introspection on life choices, and what could have been. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker, Jorge Alvarez influenced my art in a brief span of time, only two years, but we connected on many levels about art, futbol and music. His teachings set me on a different path in life, helped me to navigate troubled waters, and see a new horizon of possibilities for my art. His good vibes, wisdom and story continues to echo out in the universe for eternity.  But its up to us to not forget and honor those in our past.  Been drawing inspiration from watching the Pixar film, Coco.  Watercolors and FW inks on bone colored watercolor paper, mounted with Lineco Brand archival glue onto wood.  Opening reception will be April 6th, from 5:30 to 8pm at FLCraftArt Gallery.

It would be good to see elements of the Dias de las Muertos traditions crossover into the USA. Everyone deals with death and grief differently but I think the communal element of making an offrenda, honoring one's family roots and tending to, cleaning the cemetery, making paths with flowers for the spirits to follow, makes the concepts of life and death more grounded and accessible for people to understand, especially children. In summary, life is short and we only get one. Speak your truth; boldly and often, express gratitude to those who influence your life; if you know someone is in the hospital visit them; because they could be in hospice next and gone from this earth quickly after.  If you have a teacher that changed your life for the better let them know that, if you love someone, tell them. Come and spread your arms if you really need a hug. Happy Friday y'all enjoy the weekend.

"Jorge Alvarez was my professor at SCAD in 2005. His class helped me view my art skills differently. I was recruited to work on murals and the influence of those teachings changed my path in life from a film major to Illustration.  Jorge grew up in Brooklyn, loved music, futbol, Frank Sinatra, and his beloved bulldog, Lucy.  Jorge passed away in 2007 from complications related to HIV. Andres Escobar was the captain of Columbia's National Soccer Team, scored an own goal in the 1994 World Cup, and was murdered on his return home. Sport should heal and unite not divide us."