A digital sketchbook

Trip to the Zoo

Recently went to Grant Park with my mom for a trip to the Zoo, why not it has been years. The photo is of a red panda yet the signs took in my attention that day along with the animals.  Details and upgrades abound since my last visit to Atlanta's zoo and I gravitated towards examining their use of design and graphics throughout exhibits.  Such an environment is also a great teacher, notice the use of graphics on in the tree house used by the red panda.

Life has been a zoo also with soccer overload coaching two teams.  Knuckling down on producing art with recent forays back into shooting and editing video.  News of process photo's on a newly completed piece by Mike Lancette.  Using the Iphone to document Mike's commitment to work in classic, old master style on a new epic depicting the near future.  Of course it's best to let art speak for itself.