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Enough ranting op ed from me, enjoy this sketch on the internet.

Bike To Work Week

In honor of bike to work week, disgusting gas prices and the supposed rapture on Saturday at 6pm the blog posting continues.  Mike is officially moving out, while working on a new triptych and putting the finishing touches on his comic work in a joint publication.  Life is crazy for me as the job hunting this month has heated up is the quest for work in my field.  Finally had my first serious interview since leaving school at an inspirational downtown architect firm, following up on that opportunity.  Several submissions and resume drafts later I have sifted through the folk/outsider art only galleries and found an alternative in the form of co-op galleries.  Homegrown, for example, shows only local artists who pay rates related to their space whilst also working hours at the shop off Church St in Decatur.

Ironic that our summer season and countdowns are seemingly synonymous, last year was the Gulf Oil disaster, a spill so large it's mystery facts and environmental effects have still yet to be quantified.  This summer's count down is the NFL lockout, or duration of the Arab spring; demonstrations, protests and upheaval across the Middle East depending on what floats your boat or bursts your fantasy bubble.  Evangelists claim that the world ends this Saturday night at 6pm so live it up.  Sadly disaster porn has a greater hold on our society than I realized as many spammed commentary of the disasters in Japan without a shred of empathy for fellow humanity.

Looking forward to this summer after City of Decatur contacted me about painting a mural to help with the anti-graffiti and mural painting movements, more posts to come after returning from dog-sitting up in Athens, Ga especially the recent sketches Mike and I have set aside for the scanner.  Cheers, digital community enjoy your love, art and football