A digital sketchbook

Got some work in tonight. I was working on getting rid of the massive smears on the triptych that happened as I was loading the wet canvases into my car (not advised for future reference)... completely my fault. But I was able to make something very noticeable disappear completely. I'm not quite sure if those are skills I've learned working with oils, or from doing so much color matching in art restoration at work. Anyways... I was thinking about taking a photo of the work in progress, but I realized I don't have my own camera. Perhaps a pretty decent digital camera is something worth investing in. It's time to start saving money so I can take care of that... as well as the drawing table I've needed for years... and the easel that's long overdue. I won't be able to recover from the lower back pains and the buckling knees and ankles from painting on the ground after my twenties. If only money did grow off of trees. Hey, at least I'm not using an old Nike shoebox as a tackle box anymore. I have Barry Sons to thank for that. I wanted to end the night with a movie, but the Playstation wouldn't play my brand new copy of "Law Abiding Citizen." I thought there was something wrong with my blu-ray disc, so I decided to pop in my brand new copy of "Iron Man." Same thing. Playstation is complete garbage and I no longer endorse Sony's products. This rant has gone on for far enough... Photos coming soon.

Mural Musing

In terms of style, is this similarity to graffiti bad for a mural project?  Picture this on the back of a gas station, better than gang signs and vomit tags right?

Mike Sketch entry on 5/14

Mike sketched these in my notebook and now the scanner helps me brings these to life, feedback welcome.  This last character is from Mike's most recent series, a type of residual self-image.  Digital color-correction watercolor wash meshed in PS.