A digital sketchbook

Lettering for California Tacos To Go

A colorful project at a local So-Cal, Mexican food restaurant 1003 4th Street N. Saint Petersburg, Florida. More advertising of their weekly specials to come, so watch this space for more fun with typography. And tacos who doesn't love tacos? Lets us take a moment and rejoice in all things spicy and flavorful, also wrapped in tortillas, thanks and praises to the g-ds of queso dip. Cheers.

AARP Trolley Art Contest

Here is my entry to a design contest I found out about in the call to artist section of the St Pete Arts Alliance website. Playing on their themes of bettering your community and redefining what it means to age and what role the elders can play in society.

My inspiration came from riding a trolly around San Francisco holding onto the outside rail and seeing the city in a different way.  I wanted to mix that with a local feel for the lifestyle of St Petersburg residents. Dali shares a trolly with Jack Keroauc, a mom and son back from a Ray's baseball game, the old man saves the day catching the boys hat as it's blown away, paddle boarding, artists and commuters alike.

Custom Type in a Journal

An fans of Edgar Allen Poe out there? A fun typography project of doing some hand lettering on a  journal. This was for a client who came up with an excellent gift idea of making a Moleskin brand lined journal truly unique.

I wanted to have symbols of an older time period without being too creepy and Poe-esque. The pressed wax seal, candle holder, old English styled lettering, tiny staring eyes were all enjoyable details to draw.