A digital sketchbook

SHINE Murals Revisited

Pictures of just a few of the newly completed murals thought the downtown area, these paintings are from the blocks in and around where I am working on the olive tree landscape at Zaytoon Grill.

Seven murals can be found within a stones throw of one another, from between 18th-16th St off Central Avenue.

Check out the previous post on SHINE for the complete mural map. 

 The largest of these works of art was done by Brazilian artist Pixel Poncho, on the back of a massive warehouse off 17th St and 1st Avenue South in St. Petersburg, FL.

Zaytoon Grill Mural Project

Time-lapse footage yet to be posted online but here are a few still images from the GoPro camera. The landscape is progressing along nicely. Having this mural in such a small restaurant dynamically changes the space. Providing color where there was a blank wall, a conversation piece, focal point, and the sense that you are sat beneath the shade of a familiar, old tree for a meal with friends or family.

SHINE Mural Festival

Explore the city and checkout some amazing paintings being worked on by local and international artists during this year's SHINE Mural Festival. 

Here are a few pictures of the nearby murals in different states of completion and a map to help find them all.

All the different approaches, bold or simple styles, use of medium, such as brush or spray paint really intrigues and inspires me.

Credit to these artists for cranking out phenomenal work in such a short span of time. More pictures to come of these and other works, updates on how they look now closer to completion.

Mural Update; Zaytoon Grill's Tree

Work is continuing on the landscape mural project with a local restaurant located at 1618 Central Ave. I am painting in the Grand Central Arts District at Zaytoon Grill, blocks away from Tropicana Field and six or more murals in progress. Inspirational times for artists and passer-byes alike in St Pete with weather clearing after a hurricane, the holiday weekend and Sunshine Mural Festival happening all at once. More on that in another post.

Progress is also moving along with editing and posting some time-lapse videos of the artwork in action. Stay tuned for more as layers of the mural grow and it continues towards finish.

1800's Built, NY Cabin Drawing

Another page from a recent road trip which included a visit to Falling Water. The subject in this drawing is of a much different architectural style. A historical cabin in New York thats been added onto slightly over the generations. The clouds in the background don't really show up on the pencil sketch, but what a beautiful area.