A digital sketchbook


Always wanted an orange VW mini-bus and so it was carved. Halloween is definitely a favorite holiday of mine. And who doesn't like to get into the spirit of spooky than by dressing up, decorating the house or carving a pumpkin. Figuring out how to deal with the effects of Florida weather and ward off rot is a challenge. Maybe painting on a design is the way to go next year.

Arboreal Sketch

A pencil drawing from my travels of a large tree in a very rural area of upstate NY. One things you do miss out on living this far south is the changing colors of leaves that signal autumn's arrival. It is feeling more like fall every day, must be time to go carve the pumpkins for Halloween.

Took the Family on a Mural Tour

Granted there are actually guided mural tours of the grand central art district, but why not make up your own and cover more of the downtown area? So that is what I did with family over the weekend to show off the amazing art throughout St. Pete. 

Great trip for my Mom who had not yet seen either the Zaytoon Grill or Flamingo Bar murals in person, to explore the city and marvel at the art, vibes, food and fun happening in the Sunshine City.

I love the challenges unique surfaces throw at the street artist and how they incorporate these elements into the paintings. Like an electrical box, garage door, or this tree growing out the side of Daniel Morgan's mural on 17th St. 

Battle of the Burg'er

Zaytoon Grill has been participating in the Grand Central Avenue District's 5th annual culinary contest, the Battle of the Burger. For the whole month of September people have been able to eat and then vote on their favorite burger offerings at local businesses taking part. For the first time this year there was a separate category for veggie burgers. 

The above is a pastel that I whipped up to showcase the Zaytoon Burger, which is essentially a giant kefta patty(ground beef, spices, onion, parsley) topped with hummus and feta cheese on a quality bun. Hopefully this post hasn't made you too hungry for that I kinda apologize. Go make you some second breakfast, or elevenzies or whatever meal is next. Cheers.