A digital sketchbook

Sketches from Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House

Here are recent sketches from a road trip to tour the Falling Water House in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands region. This iconic symbol of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural style was a sight to behold. Areas of the house drew me in with magnetic effect like the hearth pictured above. I was able to do some speed sketches in red color-erase and cleaned them up later with pencil and ruler.

The art on display alone was fascinating and pairs well during a guided tour with the family story of the home's original owners, the Kaufmans. Original works of art adorned the walls of this once vacation home, some unknown others signed like; a landscape from Siquera, two Diego Rivera works, Picasso prints, a Tiffany lamp and sculptures throughout.

If you're up for climbing some steps, seeing a house built into boulders, atop a waterfall, driving country roads with amazing views to get there, then this adventure will be well worth it. For me it was unforgettable.  

Rio Inspired Pastels

Here is the advertisement done for the sidewalk sign at Zaytoon Grill. Rio de Janeiro inspired drawing showcasing the kabob offerings of Zaytoon for those with an olympic sized hunger. Done with dry Nu-pastels and Fabre-castel pastel pencils.

A Mural Grows; Hand-made Lettering and Graphics

Adjust the quality of this video, using the gear icon on Youtube, up to 720 or 1080 for best viewing. Behold this time-lapse of the Zaytoon mural where a hand-made graphic is being painted on the wall. This video is from the fourth day of painting.  An underpainting of two olive branches woven together to make this feature and some funky lettering. The final logo will be flat color, olive green for the branches and leaves and black for the Welcome sign.

How to: Paint Masonry

Here is a teaser from the mural project at Zaytoon. How do you design a stone wall to give both the illusion of depth and realism? Be organic with your shapes. Use a watercolor pencil for layouts that way your lines will eventually dissolve into the work and it is also easy to make corrections with compared to charcoal. Think like a mason with larger stones forming your base. 

If you are painting on a textured surface try using the shapes, peaks and valleys of that wall in your favor for cobbling together realistic dry-fit stone works. Asymmetry is key here enjoy the fact your are not painting a grid of bricks and have fun with your art.

Underpainting; A Mural Grows...

A mural grows from the walls of Zaytoon Grill. I am very excited about this recent commission and the chance to work inside during the hot Florida summer.  The projection and layout of the landscape are finished. Underpainting is in progress of a hillside with an ancient olive tree like the ones giving shade for hundreds, maybe thousands of years in Palestine.

For menu and location details in St. Pete, check out their website.  http://www.zaytooncentral.com

Thank you's go out to the folks viewing the blog. Be kind and truly listen to one another, be inspired, create art and beauty in your world. May peace be with you.