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Sketches from Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House

Here are recent sketches from a road trip to tour the Falling Water House in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands region. This iconic symbol of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural style was a sight to behold. Areas of the house drew me in with magnetic effect like the hearth pictured above. I was able to do some speed sketches in red color-erase and cleaned them up later with pencil and ruler.

The art on display alone was fascinating and pairs well during a guided tour with the family story of the home's original owners, the Kaufmans. Original works of art adorned the walls of this once vacation home, some unknown others signed like; a landscape from Siquera, two Diego Rivera works, Picasso prints, a Tiffany lamp and sculptures throughout.

If you're up for climbing some steps, seeing a house built into boulders, atop a waterfall, driving country roads with amazing views to get there, then this adventure will be well worth it. For me it was unforgettable.  

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