A digital sketchbook

Inter-Coastal Thoughts

Entry and concept for this year's SkaterAid deckart auction.  Mixed media theme on broken board about ecological succession in terms of; oceans, energy choices and ultimately how that effects our environment which surprisingly isn't important to everyone.  Recent kayak trips through inter-coastal waterways of Isle of Palms, SC Morgan Creek area give me a greater found respect for these vital yet overlooked habitats crucial to combating storm surge like the marshland of Louisiana Bayou which once spread 100 miles in 1970 but today less than 30 miles remains.  Art can help us see with perspectives anew and realize how we must repair the specie-structure of the planet, our relationship with nature.

Hence this years title; Tar Ball Cafe. Bids can be placed at 32auctions.com

SkaterAid 2012 Deckart on Display

For a month before the event Brickstore Pub in Decatur will be showing 105 works of art on or built out of skateboards. SkaterAid is a grassroots event close to my heart, also an annual charity benefit for cancer. For the full story check out SkaterAid.net

 This year is my third entry in a row but only the second year an artist/volunteer happening has occurred at Brickstore to celebrate the community and it's flood of art.  Always fun finally meeting an  artist who's style you can spot from past years entries.  Strongest field by far in terms of depth of theme and design variety this years event is shaping up to be special.

So make a bid online; http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/1563/auctions/4264
and show to event of course, shredding the skate-park in optional.  Photos plus updates to follow.