A digital sketchbook

I live life one weekend at a time. On the other days, I cease to exist. I am a machine. One of the many objects that serve as a means to an end. I am a producer with no heart, mind, or soul to call my own. I do not speak, nor am I spoken to in this Realm of the Forgotten.

Let the madness begin...

Oh what up, James?! Oh what up, James?! And what up people?! It's time... The long awaited means to shoot the shit and tell it like it really is through the cybercontinuum of blogging, hdyfats, and random rants is here. It had to happen. For those of you who don't know me, allow me to explain a few things. I am known to say exactly what is on my mind... OUT LOUD... without sugar-coating it. When everyone is thinking the same thing, but no one has the balls to say it... there I am... with an uncontrollable voice that vomits up every demented thought, unfiltered an uncensored. I mean what I say and I say what I mean and I don't apologize for it, nor will I 'take it back.' Like James, I "take pride in the friends I keep." I understand that I, myself, am often misunderstood because every once in a while I might just say some real shit. The truth must be preached, even when the world doesn't wanna' hear it. So let the madness begin...

Concept for Mike's current undertaking in oil, massive rendering along the series contrasting fantasy narratives of Eden and apocalypse.

Skater-Aid 2010

For a month before the event in Decatur, 83 decks are being auctioned at the Brick Store Pub for a cancer benefit on the 26th of September.