A digital sketchbook

Inter-Coastal Thoughts

Entry and concept for this year's SkaterAid deckart auction.  Mixed media theme on broken board about ecological succession in terms of; oceans, energy choices and ultimately how that effects our environment which surprisingly isn't important to everyone.  Recent kayak trips through inter-coastal waterways of Isle of Palms, SC Morgan Creek area give me a greater found respect for these vital yet overlooked habitats crucial to combating storm surge like the marshland of Louisiana Bayou which once spread 100 miles in 1970 but today less than 30 miles remains.  Art can help us see with perspectives anew and realize how we must repair the specie-structure of the planet, our relationship with nature.

Hence this years title; Tar Ball Cafe. Bids can be placed at 32auctions.com

SkaterAid 2012 Deckart on Display

For a month before the event Brickstore Pub in Decatur will be showing 105 works of art on or built out of skateboards. SkaterAid is a grassroots event close to my heart, also an annual charity benefit for cancer. For the full story check out SkaterAid.net

 This year is my third entry in a row but only the second year an artist/volunteer happening has occurred at Brickstore to celebrate the community and it's flood of art.  Always fun finally meeting an  artist who's style you can spot from past years entries.  Strongest field by far in terms of depth of theme and design variety this years event is shaping up to be special.

So make a bid online; http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/1563/auctions/4264
and show to event of course, shredding the skate-park in optional.  Photos plus updates to follow.

Designs up on Footytees.com

Big news ready to be revealed, that Footytees.com is live and has been collaborating on original designs for the Euros and football in general with Jestudioink.  The stars are aligned or something because I'd like to say that I found this perfect outlet for soccer related work but in fact its the other way around.  This is the first job I have been contacted about through my profile on Hireanillustrator.com

There is a featured artist page on Footytees including bios and links to artists like Brazilian, Samuel Casal. More designs to be posted as the community of fans and artists contributing and supporting the site grow via retail and the separate design site, Footydesigners.  Check back often for new threads of course, support the arts and Footytees.com

Forza Italia!

The EuroCopa Final is upon us and Italy have fought their way against all odds with talisman Mario Balotelli leading the line versus the reigning world and European champions, Spain.  Super Mario, as he's come to be known, represents not only the future of Italian football but is also the ultimate triumph-over-adversity story.  Mario has overcome the racist chants and graffiti insults flung his way such as, "there's no such thing as a black Italian," he has emerged like quality steel; tempered in the hottest flame.  Balotelli, at twenty-one years young, has fought through racist abuse his whole life and in the semi-final took the team on his back in victory over favorites Germany, scoring two empathic goals and posing shirtless after a thunderous volley in celebration; flexing with the Hulk's power and Jessie Owen's strength; I'm black and I'm proud.    Anyone who is a champion of the human spirit tune into Balotelli's career and tonight's Euro 2012 Final, hosted by Poland and Ukraine.

Best place outside of Spain to see Dali's artwork is Tampa, Florida visited there in June.  Here is a sketch from a series of surrealist ink drawings of a narrative and satirical nature.  The series was reminiscent of tarot cards as Dali uses the old master style on toned paper with major emphasis on line weight and symbolism . A common design thread was that the focal point was tightly worked with crosshatching in contrast both tops and bottoms were drawn loose with more free-handed flair.  A must see part of the Tampa experience along with Cuban bread of course, I will be making a return trip soon. Hope you are all enjoying your summer and football. Cheers.

Trip to the Zoo

Recently went to Grant Park with my mom for a trip to the Zoo, why not it has been years. The photo is of a red panda yet the signs took in my attention that day along with the animals.  Details and upgrades abound since my last visit to Atlanta's zoo and I gravitated towards examining their use of design and graphics throughout exhibits.  Such an environment is also a great teacher, notice the use of graphics on in the tree house used by the red panda.

Life has been a zoo also with soccer overload coaching two teams.  Knuckling down on producing art with recent forays back into shooting and editing video.  News of process photo's on a newly completed piece by Mike Lancette.  Using the Iphone to document Mike's commitment to work in classic, old master style on a new epic depicting the near future.  Of course it's best to let art speak for itself.