A digital sketchbook

Concert Art Gift

Had the pleasure of watching Leilani Wolfgramm open for The Green at the State Theater in St. Pete, FL earlier in the month.  Made a piece of word art for the occasion and gave it to the band via their merchandise guy, Justin.  Bought the limited release album of her's called Live Wire. Those powerful lyrics were even more impactful live and in person.  If you have a chance to see either of these bands do it!  The Green are like the Temptations of the reggae community with their harmony and sweet vocals.

St Pete Robot Art Exchange @ Bar 548

Busy getting new pen and ink works ready for a group art show on Central Avenue this Saturday night. Check out the sixth annual St. Pete Robot Art Exchange at Bar 548 from 8-11.  Enjoy this link to a promotional video of the event. Looking forward to a fun time as it's my first year participating.  Here is a sample from the process art of the series I'm doing on paper with FW Acrylic inks.  My work is playing around with themes about the ever-evolving use of technology in our daily lives, human vs machine, nature vs manmade, good robot vs bad robot. Hoping to see you out there doing your best Robot or Robot-Boogie. 

Robot Art Promotional Video