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Sacred Art Tour, Dolls and Chalk Lettering

New signs up in recent weeks for exhibits at Florida CraftArt Gallery in St. Pete, Florida.  Amazing to watch the visiting Tibetan Monks creating a scared sand mandala and in turn to have a dissolution ceremony where it was swept up, blessed and reunited with nature after a procession to the waters of Tampa Bay. Chalk lettered designs done by hand with Bistro brand liquid chalk markers and laid out with a white charcoal pencil. 

Much like the sand mandala the monks created, this chalk sign was around for less than a week before being wiped clean.  Take note the monks explained they were not destroying the sand art they made but rather it was taking on another stage of creation. Similar to our cultural differences trying to understand death and life as separate, from the Buddhist perspective, there are no endings only beginnings.

Reminded me of the impermanence of life and often the art we make may not be around for a long time but that shouldn't lessen its potential impact on other people and neither should it lessen the inherent value of art and expression.  Some moments can't be captured on a camera, some things take time to do properly. Made me feel better about the path in life I am on, a journey of discovery as an artist, helped me feel good about taking 5-6 hours to design, layout and finish chalk boards. Much like the monks folded over the mandala, drawing and shading with grains of sand, we contort and bear with hot environments or surface challenges and overcome those hurdles to make art. Hopefully it captures the viewers attention and provokes thought. 

Dolls & Where They Live, exhibit is currently on show within the lovely air conditioned gallery space of Florida CraftArt.  Opening was last Friday, June 8th and featured a variety of dolls, creatures and environments, from dark oddities with shades of Tim Burton to welcoming miniature tree houses full of charm and detail. Check out the show and its numerous events and workshops, on display until July 28th.

"What's so funny about peace, love and understanding..."
-Elvis Costello