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Skater-Aid in Review

Skater-aid, September 26th 2010
A huge success for local Decatur, GA based art auction Skater-aid bringing in a record amount of submitted artwork on skate-decks and total donations collected. The story of how the Skater-aid event evolved first as a tribute to Ian Wochatz, who died from brain cancer at age 15, is unique and this cancer-benefit has become an annual celebration of life, skateboarding, community and expression.

A mobile skate-park is set-up for the day, several local bands play while the silent auction goes on into the evening and closes one section at a time to encourage bidding. Over 80 pieces of art, including my Broken Levee Hermit, where auctioned off at an event which started small in 2006 and has grown into a true grass-roots celebration of art, youth and skateboarding. Check out the website on my links page and please get involved, you're only fifteen once, right!

Enjoy these samples from various local artists.

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  1. Damn... 15 is too young. Sad, yet inspirational... What else would you need to hear to make yourself want to do big things while you know you still have the chance... Now it makes me want to work three times as hard to get the artwork cranked out and tell my stories... never know what could happen tomorrow.