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Cornucopia Triptych

After about four months of slaving in my parents' porch, converting to the canvas that I borrowed from James, and having to stare at the same piece for what seemed like an eternity, it is finally finished. This is the twelve foot painting that ends the series of the enchanted forest inhabited by the beautiful fairies.
This was pretty much an attempt to wrap up several ideas from my sketchbook by incorporating as many of them as I could into a single project. These energy orbs come directly from the life-streams of the fallen warriors, gods, and sorcerers that made a cosmic u-turn and ended up in the forest. Their inevitable inability to resist the fairies' seduction causes them to fall into a deep sleep, during which their energy is stripped from them and given to the forest to keep it growing and lush. The organ dwellers (one-eyed parasitic frog-looking creatures) are a nuisance to the fairies. They feed on the limited supply of floating energy orbs that nurture the forest.
Cornucopia has transformed visually over time. The organic forms are a bit more aquatic and otherworldly-looking.
The only thing I wasn't able to include was the giant double-tailed striped wolf. It is the appointed guardian of Cornucopia -- the forest's most noble and badass being. It has lived for hundreds of years, yet it is still in rare form. Its gender is unknown and it cannot mate because it is the only one of its kind. When it dies, so will the possibility of there being a successor. The wolf keeps vigil with glowing eyes and an uncompromising gaze that could intimidate even the most vicious of beasts. Perhaps, one day, I'll use the wolf in another piece.
And that concludes the "Cornucopia" series.

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  1. Supreme Finality to your series that many mislabel as Avatar-esque.
    Trials and challenges threatened your progress but the passion of your truth writ large overpowered the bs and shines through with soul!