A digital sketchbook

NY Photo's; Tri-Lox Studio in Brooklyn

Just got back from a NY visit and the inspiration is flowing.   Brooklyn was home for five days residing with one of my best friends, Justin Grubbs, who is an NYU grad that has been trying to get me up north for about six years.  More images to come from the sketchbook.  We ate our way through NY and stayed away from the chaos of Manhattan other than the MoMa pilgrimage.  Scratchbread bakery was a local fixture of our take-away meals, a clearly popular grassroots staple of many diets, your Sunday brunch with a magical twist;scratchbread.com

The special exhibit was a De Kooning retrospective, but the best part of the museum trip was seeing paintings in the flesh that I had to study from slides in school.  Especially Umberto Boccioni's futurist paintings and sculpture which really can only be appreciated in person.

Another grassroots tour involved a friend's industrial design studio, Tri-lox.com which focuses on reclaimed materials and handcrafted objects.  The variety of projects, concept sketches, and cured wood was brilliant, check out their work it's a must see.  Thanks to J-Stone, Tim, Bender and Ellis for that shop tour!
Plans are already being drafted for a return trip to NY during this summers 48 Hour Film Project.
Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

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