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MCE at the Dali

Having the chance to behold M.C. Escher's prints and delve into his life story was certainly enlightening.  Had the pleasure of watching the hour long, Dutch-made, documentary that played in a side gallery repeating his life's journey as I sat drawing most of the day. The sketches below are from views Escher accessed via a favorite hobby of his, secluded hikes around Sienna and the Amalfi Coast.

Escher grew up a Dutchman but the inspiration for many of the buildings in his illusionistic cityscapes were developed and inspired by experiences in Italy.  Where he lived for many years, married and had three of four children there before fleeing the rise of Mussolini's fascism.  Many of his rarely seen color prints were there such as Metamorphosis I.  Even a couple of Escher's carved print blocks were on display and the meticulous, calculated, detail was breathtaking.

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