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A Celebration of Pride: Orlando United

In the wake of the most recent mass shooting to rock US shores, utter tragedy at the Orlando night club Pulse, communities around FL and the country are coming together overwhelming the derision, hate and lack of empathy through unity and love.  Below is my take on the MLS team Orlando City's crest in tribute to the fallen, the LGBT family and to those who have suffered loss. In St Pete there is a massive Pride Parade type of festival that goes on down Central Ave all weekend.

This event is embraced by the locals here as a celebration of diversity and is a big day out affair for families large and small, for folks of all backgrounds. Large crowds are expected and before the parade starts there will be a fitting tribute. 30 seconds of silence for the 107 wounded or killed will total up to 17 minutes of silence. Last years event was of a celebratory mood right after the Supreme Courts ruling on same-sex marriage. There will certainly be a contrast of mood but an unwavering sense of support as the pride flag flies high. After all the show must go on.

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