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Chilling in the Capital of Cool, Negril, JM's West End

At last Saturday's William's Park Farmers Market I had the pleasure of meeting Ras Rody a chef cooking up some amazing vegan and Jamaican dishes.  We started talking about the island and he grew up just east of where I have stayed three times since 2001 at the West Birchrunville Cottages. He was amazed and we started doing the who's who of names and restaurants along the main road that leads up to a famous old lighthouse and beyond to Rick's Cafe. I had walked by his store down there without realizing it. You know sometimes it really is a small world. Amazing curry, rice n' beans, lentils and an eggless banana pancake tops off the combo plate at ten dollars.

So after all that nostalgic talk of Negril I realized that this newly added onto piece should get some love on the blog.  The watercolor is of a stylized crown of thorns plant that was on the cottages front porch. At 15 traveling to Jamaica changed my life and served as a big source of inspiration for the sketch book but also to broaden my perspective. These new unique experiences had a profound effect on me, the wildlife, coral reefs, and trees growing in trees, meeting people who live close to the bone yet are some of the happiest people I've ever met, shared a boat with, broke bread with.

Rest in Peace Brother John.

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