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Flamingo Bar Mural: Day 10

Another time-lapse video from the mural project's tenth day.  After painting color into the face and hair I had to reassure onlookers about the layering process. That a heavy black was going on top of these shocks of color, in summary to trust me that it would not look like bozo the clown.  

Since its been finished back in April, I have had people come up to me and guess who the mural is about. The ones I've heard most often are James Dean, Elvis, Superman or Archer from the animated FX series. Incorrect guesswork but still cool considering all those people are important icons and deserve to have stylized portraits done of them. After all if you like photo-realism go buy a camera.

Nick if you're out there somewhere, thank you for the gift way back in Savannah of the Blackburn Rovers hat, here is proof that it does actually get worn.

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