A digital sketchbook

Panorama of Morrow Bay

If the sketchbook could talk it would say, "Greetings from Morrow Bay, California." As promised here are sketches from a recent trip up the Pacific Coastal Highway.  This drawing is of a panoramic view from Los Osos Valley looking towards Morrow Bay. The large outcrop in the middle of the bay there is Morrow Rock, actually a volcanic vent plug which formed thousands of years ago.

Once blasted and mined, the site is now serves a totally different purpose. As protected park land, a popular surf spot, and as educational resource to learning about the many species of wildlife living in or migrating through the area. Imagine you are looking left to right across the bay and valley to get the most out of these two connected landscapes.

Swimming in the waters were otter twice as big as their east-coast, river-dwelling, cousins.  And sharing in the same space or hunting ground were the ever curious seals, popping up like wet dogs with massive whiskers. I had never seen many of the creatures spotted during this trip in the wild before. Many birds, the most rare being the elusive peregrine falcon, nest among the sci-fi-looking rocks and peaks of beautiful Morrow Rock; which appears to change colors during different times of day.

If you're ever in and around the Santa Barbara area and fancy a road trip.  Then check out the village of Morrow Bay which is only an hour and a half drive north, bring some binoculars or a good telephoto lens. If you time the seasons right and feel adventurous you can even kayak out to watch migrating whales.

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