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Pet Portrait for Studio Physique

Do you love your pet like family? Then consider commissioning a pet portrait, which can make great gifts for others or treat yourself. This is a scaled down version of the 11 by 13 inch original made with pencils, acrylic paint, watercolor cakes, FW inks and watercolor pencils on Arches Paper.  Enjoyed getting back to making animal art with a fun project where I got to meet the owners of this local business and their beloved dog/mascot Ace. 

The original art has been purchased and the image will be used for a small sized, 5 by 5 inch sticker, on the bumper of an epic '59 Caddy, company car at Chris Field's gym, Studio Physique. Located at 3100 22nd Avenue North in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Updates to follow on this one when the sticker is applied. 

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